credit due
Author Mari J Michaelis

Kevin Scofield, from NY, AZ, WA, NC, CO, etc., the photographer whose Backpacks give S&M
the finishing touch, and the sound that haunts your dreams... the voice of Spite.

Paul Bagin, from PB Productions,
New York Sound Engineer and producer.
Da sound man! R.I.P.

Rich Michaelis, composer, musician,
Bass Man, and one real cool cat.
Created the Spiteful Bank Theme song and March Melody for Cassino by SpiteNET,
as well as the music behind many of the Marigami origami videos.


Sport (Mike Murphy), from New York: Composer,
musician, vocalist and talented multiple personality


Janne Söderberg, the ultimate bug catcher himself,
for countless hours of support and testing, the voice of Sven, artwork and his Harley. R.I.P.


  Al Perez, who processed the snail mail registrations for me in NY,
and who believed in me and Spite.


Lizz Ziegler
, from Long Island, New York, the woman who put the Malice in Spite & Malice, Miss MaLizz herself.  She is the person who taught me to play S&M over 30 years ago, and who challenged me to write the first version of this game for the computer back in 1989.

The Beta Testers, all of the hard playing people who helped make SpiteNET the best. Special thanks to Marcia my AOL guardian angel from Texas, Brian from NY, and the one and only Bo the dart champion from Delaware.

And all the Spite & Malice fans who have written through the years with their letters of encouragement and who helped spread the word!

Bill Provick from the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, who gave SpiteNET its first off-line review in the late 1990s. He is personally responsible for spreading his addiction to playing to countless Canadians!

John McLeod's Rules of Card Games - The best reference for all the rules to all the card games, and the person who has helped many Spite & Malice players find my computer version.

So who or what is Spite anyway???

"I'm not bad... I'm just drawn that way."

Life with men is like a deck of cards...
You need a Heart to love them,
a Diamond to marry them,
a Club to beat them,
and a Spade to bury the bodies.