Wallpaper Hanger Desktop Designer

Tired of the same desktop picture on your computer
staring back at you day after day?

Wallpaper Hanger will change your desktop wallpaper for you on the schedule you choose and with the pictures you want displayed on your desktop.

  • Have your desktop wallpaper changed automatically daily, once a week, once a month, or even hourly!

  • Any pictures of the file types jpg, gif, png or bmp can be used. Easily organize all your wallpapers  in one folder.

  • Crop and resize your pictures so they don't overwhelm your desktop.

  • Combine your pictures with backgrounds to create your own wallpaper! Great for wide screen monitors.

  • Preferences for each picture can be set individually for how you would like the picture displayed on your desktop: centered, tiled, or stretched.

  • Oversized pictures (larger than your screen) are automatically resized for displaying on your desktop.

Download a free 10 day trial and wonder how you ever lived without it! Click on the links below to learn more:

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For Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista, Win7

Wallpaper Hanger™