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System Requirements:

For Operating Systems:  WinXP, VISTA, Win7, Win8

Download filename: spitebank.zip, contains 1 installation file - Spiteful Bank4.msi
Filesize: 7700 kb

Price $12.99 $9.99 US

Summary Documentation: README.rtf

Spiteful Bank is designed for a minimum of 1024x768 monitor resolution.The install program you download is in zipped format.

The program you download is playable for 30 days after installation. Only 10 different deals (sample games) are available during the evaluation period and playing on the Internet is disabled until the game is registered and paid for.

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New in Version 4:

  • Who goes first option – Highest Reserve card, Lowest Reserve card, or coin toss. Default is whoever has the lowest reserve card goes first.
  • Tableau card stacks viewer – Right-click a Tableau (House) card to display all the cards underneath it. Left-click anywhere to make it disappear.
  • Declare stalemate – Use this option to end a game where neither player can make any more moves. A winner is declared based on who has the least amount of cards remaining. The game is then scored as usual but without the additional 30 points normally given to a game’s winner. This is useful for playing Match games. 
  • New scoring display – Single and Match game scores are on separate tabs. Number of games won and lost are shown as usual but the points column only displays the highest points you’ve achieved during one game. The High Scores tab shows the highest number of points achieved for the top 20 games.
  • Undo button on status bar – Take back move(s). Can’t be used during Internet games.
  • Game can be paused by clicking on the Time Elapsed timer on the status bar.
  • Improved opponent logic – SB’s much smarter now.
  • Updated graphics – New backgrounds and bank structures.
  • Left/Right arrow keys change place card holder graphics from wood to steel. As always, the Up/Down arrow keys change the background and CTRL+Up/Down arrow keys change the graphic for the bank’s structure.
  • New game manual

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