QUICK, PLAY! Instructions

SPITE & MALICE Game Play Overview

SET UP example for 2 players:


Be the first player to use all the cards in their SIDE pile.

How is this done?


You begin each turn with 5 cards in your HAND.  You will always be dealt new cards from the STOCK to replace cards you played from your HAND during your last turn.

How do I play to the CENTER piles?

I have no cards to play to the CENTER!

What are the HOLD piles for?

So what am I trying to do?

Ahh, is it really that easy?

And how do I play against a human player?

*The default, or "House Rules" are 20 cards in the Side (payoff) piles, decks shuffled together, no forced cards and a Wild card can be used in place of any card. The Rules can be changed to:

Additional information for 3-4 player games:

1 deck of cards is added for each player, so a 4 player game uses 4 decks of cards.
4 center piles

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