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For Windows Operating Systems: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 

The software you download is playable for 30-days after you install it.
Includes a tutorial to help you get started playing quickly.

After you become hopelessly addicted to it and realize that you want to keep it from expiring and play more than the sample games, you can registered and pay for it by using either the mail-in registration form (within the game) or come back to Spite's Site and use the PayPal/credit card online registration.

Price $12.99 US

After you register, you will be sent your registration code by EMAIL.
You then enter your registration information into the game and all features will be enabled. No further files need to be downloaded, but Registered users can download free add-on personalities!

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Download Links SpiteNET: Spite & Malice v.10.5 - Download the program from links below -

New install, User's Manual, graphics, intro music, number only card sets, and other adjustments and enhancements.
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  Personality Modules Free Add-on: Add new characters to your game

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Registration Options Price $12.99 US

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SpiteNET: Spite & Malice v.10.5
Multiple Personality Edition

Free 30-day trial. Click on one of the links below to begin downloading!

Download v.10.5 from C/NET:

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Download v.10.5 from here: Europe

Version 10.5    File Size: 8.3 MB (8287 KB)  

More Downloads: Add-on Personalities free for your game

  Price $12.99 US


Need help DOWNLOADING and installing?  Get the basics at DOWNLOAD 101!

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice