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Game Support 

Registration Issues:

After placing your online order through PayPal, you will quickly receive a receipt from PayPal for your purchase.

Your registration information will then be emailed to you from SpiteNET within a few hours after that - but SpiteNET may take up to 48 hours to send it to you.

If you paid by e-check through PayPal, your order will not be completed until PayPal has received the funds from your bank. This usually takes 3 business days.

Registration Code Not Received:

Online purchase: If you have not received a confirmation of your order from PayPal within a few minutes after the time you completed your online order, please write registration@spitenet.com. The most likely cause is that you made a typo when entering your email address or your existing PayPal account is connected to an email address that you no longer use.

If your email address is incorrect, the order will still be processed but SpiteNET will not be able to send your registration code information to an invalid email address.

If you have received your PayPal order receipt email but not your registration code from SpiteNET - please be patient. It can take up to 48 hours for SpiteNET to email your registration information to you. If you have still not received your registration code email after 48 hours, send an email immediately to registration@spitenet.com. Again, it is usually because the email address you gave was incorrect and SpiteNET has no way to contact you.

Spam/Junk Email folder - Occasionally email inadvertently goes into Spam/Junk/Bulk email folders. Be sure to check that your registration code email from spitenet.com hasn't ended up in there.

Blocking - Some email accounts (i.e. AOL) allow users to restrict incoming emails with blocking. Check that you do not have your email preferences set to BLOCK! If you place an order and don't free up your privacy preferences to allow email, we can't even return your email inquiries.  Yes, it really does happen -- right Chuck?

Allow email from the domains: spitenet.com and paypal.com

Snail mail problems:

If you have not received your registration number within 2 weeks of the time you mailed in your registration, please send an email immediately!  The most likely cause is an incorrect email address and we have no way of locating you. OR because you have your email preferences set to BLOCK (see above).

The mail-in registration form within the game (Help Menu, Register option, click the Form button)  was set up so that your email address could be typed in directly and then printed out, thus avoiding handwriting issues.

However, on AOL, screen names can be written in upper and lower case characters for cosmetic reasons. Please be aware that if you have an upper/lower case mixed character screen name, the letters "i" and "l" can be misread by us if you are using their default font:

Capital letter "i" (I) and lower case "L" (l) appear the same.

To avoid errors, you should type your email name in ALL CAPS or all lower case characters.

Foreign currency or foreign checks are not accepted. If you live outside the United States, and want to use the mail-in registration, you can obtain an International Money Order for the price of the game in U.S. dollars at your post office or Western Union. The easiest way to register is with a credit card through PayPal's secure online transaction from this Site!

Change of email address:

Send an email to the correct address listed on the email page.
If your current registration contact email account is still valid, you must request the change from that account. Please include the name you have registered the game to, your postal address, the old email address and the new one.


Entering your registration information:

For SpiteNET: Spite & Malice Version 10 - From the game's Help Menu, choose the Register... option, then the "Enter Registration Code" item from the drop-down list.

Spiteful Bank and Cassino by SpiteNET - From the game's Help Menu, choose the Register... option, and the Registration Instructions window will open. At the bottom of that window, click the Enter Registration Code button.

All games - Don't forget to click the SUBMIT button. The game will thank-you and confirm that it is now registered.

Problems with entering your registration information

You must enter your registration information exactly as you were given:

If you believe that you are entering your registration information correctly and you still get the message that it's not a valid registration:

Lost Registration number:

If you have previously registered and paid for a SpiteNET game and have lost your registration information, please send an email to registration@spitenet.com with the subject: Lost_Registration.

-Please include the name of the game you purchased.
-The version you purchased or the approximate date of your registration.
-You MUST include your full name that you registered the game to, postal address and email address.

Registration information is ONLY sent to the registration contact email address.

Your registration information will be sent to you within a 24-48 hours. First requests are free, after that registration information will be sent at a charge of $5.00 US. (Only kidding but you really should print out and save your registration information. If I drop dead, nobody's gonna send it to you.)

Registered copy of game now says Trial Period

If you did a Windows Restore or if Windows crashed or didn't close down properly, it's possible for your registration information to be knocked out of the game.

Just re-enter your registration information to remove the trial-period disables and unlock the game.



Technical Problems

General things that can interfere with the game's operation:

-AntiVirus software like Norton and McAfee that run in the background can interfere with ANY software. They should be disabled from "auto-scanning" while playing.
-Don't run other games at the same time. If the other game is also graphics intensive it could take up too much of your system's resources, and could cause a conflict.

After Using Windows Restore:

-After doing a Windows Restore, your game may have disappeared or your registered copy of the game may revert back to the trial count down. Windows Restore backs your system up to an earlier date, so if that date was before the game was installed, then the game no longer exists. Reinstall the game from your backup copy of the installation file. If the date that you backed up to was before you entered in your registration information, that information will be lost. Reenter your registration information to stop the trial count down.

After running without problem, the game suddenly starts behaving strangely:

-If Windows isn't exited from the Win START button, that can damage files. Windows crashes can damage system files!  This is the most common cause of sudden problems that come up after a game has been running fine.

-If you suddenly get an error message that a .dll or .ocx  is out of date, that usually means that some other software you installed has written over the .dll/ocx files included in the game with their own OLDER files. Old software always works with newer .dlls, but not the other way around. A properly written installation program should never do this. See OCX Error Messages below.

-- Problems are usually remedied by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. Please uninstall properly. See Uninstalling/Reinstalling --


Issues with OLDER computers:

-Printing - if you have an older computer or your computer doesn't have a lot of memory, your cards might not animate or display properly while printing.
-Using True Color (32 bit) - Older computers may not be able to handle running graphic intensive programs under True Color. If you find that the game is running slowly or freezing up after playing several games, you might want to try switching to High Color (16 bit).

Windows XP reports an error while the game is running.

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice Versions before v.7.4.1 do not run under WinXP, due to a bug in WinXP's multimedia DLL (winmm.dll).

If you have a registered version 7 game installed, you can write Support@spitenet.com, subject: "V7 XP Update" to get an updated file to add to your installed game which will enable the game to play properly under WinXP.

Versions 8, 9 and 10 are fully WinXP compatible.

All other SpiteNET games are fully WinXP compatible.


Runtime Error 11 (Version 7 only)

If you installed version 7 over an old version of SpiteNET, your player score file needs to be converted. You can either create a new player name for yourself and delete your older player names or download this little utility that will convert you old score files to the new format:


This is a self-extracting zip file. After downloading, double-click on SpiteNETScores.exe and let it unzip into you SpiteNET game folder. Then go to the game folder and double-click ConvertScores.exe. It will update your player score file(s) so you can use them under version 7.


OCX Error Messages - component is out of date, missing or incomplete

Symptom: Error message preventing the software from running regarding one of the Microsoft system runtimes included with the game software. Example messages:

The files listed above are part of the Microsoft system runtime files that were included when you installed the game and that the software needs in order to run. 

If the Error message suddenly appears after the software has been running normally: These files may have become corrupted by a recent Windows crash or because Windows was not shut down properly. Another cause that has been know to occur (though it shouldn't) is because another software installation wrote over these files with older versions of the files.

If the Error message appeared the first time the software was run: If you have received this error message from the first time you ran the software, the cause is most likely that you installed the software while you had other programs running in the background. There is a warning message during all software installation to make sure that no other programs are running, but many users forget that they have antivirus software that autoruns in the background.

Solution: Uninstall and then reinstall the SpiteNET software. You must use the complete version to do this, not just an update version of the software. Follow the uninstall/reinstall instructions.

After you finish reinstalling the software, you will need to re-enter your registration information into the game to remove the trial period disables and countdown.

NOTE: If this suddenly started happening after the software has been running fine, you could try to just reinstall these Microsoft VB6 runtime files separately. This doesn't always work if there was a corrupted file involved, but it will if you've had a component out-of-date error message. But it's always better to uninstall and reinstall the game from your backup copy of the game's installation file.

You can download the VB6 runtime files from Microsoft


Error 429 - ActiveX Component can't create object -Windows 98

Spiteful Bank
Cassino by SpiteNET

You've successfully installed one of the above games but then when you go to start the game, you get this error message:
Error 429 - ActiveX Component can't create object

This is most likely to occur on older computers (Windows98) because the Windows Media Player file (msdxm.ocx) has become corrupt or is missing. The Media Player is part of the Windows operating system and these games need it in order to run properly. Over time files can become corrupt from Windows crashes or when Windows does not shut down properly.

To correct this problem, you can download another Media Player from Microsoft that will fix the file(s) that no longer work: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/software/Playerv7.aspx


Problems during Installation:

Installation Advice: CLOSE OTHER APPLICATIONS while running the installation program! Seriously.

Windows XP/NT/2000 users: Be sure that antivirus software isn't auto scanning in the background while installing. It's important for WinXP/NT/2000 users to reboot after installation.

-Game doesn't run properly after installing: Most likely, something interfered while the game was installing. Completely uninstall, and then reinstall. See Uninstall instructions below.

-Windows Vista and Old Spite & Malice Versions 7-9: Version 10 of SpiteNET: Spite and Malice is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. With older versions of SpiteNET: Spite & Malice, before v.10, near the end of the installation program, when you are asked if you would like a shortcut to your game on your desktop, click NO. You can manually create a shortcut later if you want one.

If you already attempted to install the game and clicked YES to adding a desktop shortcut to the game, the installation would have halted with Error # 5 "Unexpected error while setting up [game name]. Error # 5 occurred: Invalid procedure call or argument."

You will need to uninstall the game (if it was added to the Add/Remove Programs list) and more importantly: delete the folder that the installation program was trying to install to. If you chose the default installation location, that folder with the game's name would be found on your C: drive in the Program Files folder. After uninstalling and deleting that folder (if it exists), reboot your computer and then run the installation program again. This time, of course, don't make the desktop shortcut.

Windows doesn't recognize the installation file's .MSI extension

If you have an older operating system (Window 98/ME/NT/2000), it may not have the necessary files to use Microsoft's .msi. You can download the Windows Installer Engine from here:

-Problem: Setup wants to update some system file, needs to reboot, but continues to give same message. This is more likely to occur on a WinNT/2000 or WinXP Pro machine. 

Solution: Windows can't update certain system files without rebooting on some systems. The install procedure copies the files to be updated to the TEMP directory (folder) that the system recognizes. At reboot, the files are copied into their correct location and loaded during the boot process. Windows uses the system variable TMP to point to where this TEMP folder is.

If you have moved the TEMP folder and have changed the system variable TMP to point there, the update process can not find that folder at the initial state of boot.

Make sure the TMP variable points to a TEMP folder on the system drive, normally C:.

This might sound complicated but if you were savvy enough to move the TEMP folder in the first place, you will know what this explanation means.

-Problem: Message during installation about a missing file (Spite & Malice Versions before 7 and Win95/98/ME only)

If the installation program stops midway and you get an error message about a missing file name soderber.tt_, this is because you have an outdated version of unzipping software. The filename is actually soderberg.tt_ and your old version of unzip cannot read long file names.

Solution: Update your version of WinZip. You can download from here:  http://www.winzip.com/


Uninstalling and reinstalling:

To uninstall, please use the Windows Control Panel:

In Vista's Control Panel, use the Programs and Features icon.

In Windows 98/ME/XP use the Add/Remove Programs icon.

Select the game from the list and click the Add/Remove (or Change/Remove on WinXP, Uninstall on Vista) button.

Do not delete the game folder -- uninstall correctly by using the Windows Control Panel!

WinXP/98/ME -After uninstalling, check that the game's folder does not still exist by looking in C:\ Program Files (default installation location) for the game's folder. If it is still there, delete the folder.

To reinstall after uninstalling:

You'll need your backup copy of the game's installation software (spiteset.zip, spitebank.zip or cassino.zip) for the version you purchased.

WinXP/98/ME/95 users: After uninstalling, reboot your system.

Make sure no other programs are running before reinstalling -- this includes antivirus software that might be auto-scanning in the background or screensavers that might kick in and disrupt the installation. Then install the game. You will have to enter your registration information back into the game to remove the trial period disables and countdown.


SpiteNET Internet or LAN (Home Network) games

Detailed information can be found on the Online Help Page, go to http://www.spitenet.com/online/online.htm

Prolonged WAIT message:

While playing a SpiteNET game you may receive a prolonged WAIT message if your opponent is opening certain game menu windows during your turn. The game can't continue until they return to the game board.

In Spite and Malice, the Customize Comments window is independent and will not interfere with anything, so you can edit your comments files without holding up the game. With V.6.1.+ you can also freely open the Internet Scores window without interference.

If there is a general lag in transmission time between each move, that is controlled by Internet traffic, not the game. So depending upon what time of the day/night you are playing or the number of users connected to your local Internet service provider, it will respond faster or slower.

If you have a slow modem connection (28800) and/or an old slower processor machine, this will naturally slow down the speed at which card moves are transmitted between games. The same holds true even if you have a fast connection but the opponent you are playing against doesn't. (You can transmit quickly but the delay will be on your opponent's side.)

Games don't connect, attempts always time out.  Got a FIREWALL?

Connection times out while waiting to connect:
This can happen for several reasons:

Firewalls are designed to protect your computer from unwanted intruders. But the firewall doesn't know which programs you want to allow to pass through unless you give the software program permission.

Most often, when your game times out while waiting for an opponent, either you or your opponent has a firewall that is preventing the games from connecting.

With SpiteNET games, your game acts as a Server (if you are the Host) or needs to accept incoming data (if you are the Remote). These are 2 separate settings that you need to give the game permission for in your firewall software.

Cable/DSL Router

If you have a home Network with a Cable/DSL Router and you act as the Host,  your game may not display your Internet IP Address, only your local network address (192.168.1.xxx). The security in the Router may prevent your actual IP Address from displaying in the game. Consult your Router manual for how to obtain your IP Address so that you can give it to your opponent. (Or easier still, just let your opponent be the Host.)

If you still have trouble trying to figure out your IP Address, here's a link that will display it for you in your browser:

Port permission: Some Routers also need to have the port permission set for the game to connect to others. Again, consult your router manual for information on how to do this. With Linksys Routers, you would go to the router setup (type into your browser) and then click the display’s Advanced tab. Click the Forwarding tab. The Service Port Range should be set to 1001 ~ 1001 for the local IP Address on the machine you are playing from (i.e., your machine's local IP might be and your spouse's machine might be

For more Online Help, see /online/online.htm


Your Opponent has an Invalid Registration Code Message (versions before v.8)

Every effort has been made to allow game play between newer and older versions of the game. However, some connection problems can occur.

It is possible to get the message "Your Opponent has an Invalid Registration Code" in your game while playing online, even if your opponent has a valid registration code.

Your opponent will have to reenter their registration information into their game in order to play online again.

This problem can occur if you have a version before version 8 and have been playing an opponent with a different version of the game from the version you have, and you have not exited your game between connections (even with reconnecting to the same opponent). Your game has not reset itself properly between playing an opponent with a different version of the game from the version you have.

To prevent this from happening, close your game (exit) and then restart your game before connecting to opponents that have a different version of the game from yours. This means even if you are playing the same opponent and your online game with that opponent has been disconnected, before reconnecting to that opponent you need to restart your game.

If this continues to happen after you have shut down and restarted your game, then it is possible that your opponent IS playing with an invalid registration code. In that case your opponent should contact Registration@spitenet.com.



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